Beneficial Information – Aging in Place

Recently I have been communicating with the Outreach Communicator from, a free web resource, providing useful information to help older adults and those caring for them, and I have been asked to share on our blog page their published posts. This easy-to-understand guide that we will share today, written by Sara Lindberg, M.Ed, is […]

The Benefits of Walking

Walking is one of the safest, most beneficial types of exercise for the general population but especially for seniors. It’s an affordable way to stay fit as there is no need for a gym membership when stepping outside! It could be quite enjoyable whether you like to walk alone, with a friend or a companion. […]

A Well-Balanced Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is so important because it helps us live healthier, stronger, and longer. Things like a wholesome diet, physical activity, fresh air, lots of water, and rest are great ways to stay healthy and are the key to a well-balanced lifestyle. 1. A wholesome diet A balanced diet will lower the risk of […]