Living In a Facility Versus In Home Care Services

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As one ages there may arise different changes in the senior’s life. The changes may come subtly and almost unnoticeable at first, or they may come rapid and unexpected. There may be physical or mental decline or often both.

Once these changes appear, weather they are from normal aging or associated with a chronic disease, it is very important to make plans for the care of the senior. One should consider the options between moving the senior to a facility like assisted living or long term care or perhaps consider in home care or as also called, in home assisted living.

There are a few things to consider when choosing between a facility or in home care. Both options offer some similar types of care and most people choose one over the other, as preferences differ in different people. At the same time there are many who choose both, moving into a facility and hiring a home care agency, as for some, the facility one lives in is their dear and only home, however, when there’s need for more help than the staff members can offer, home care service can be provided privately. Service can be provided from a few hours per day up to 24/7. This will keep one in place avoiding a move to an unfamiliar facility.  Also, many residents in facilities, especially in long term care benefit from companion from home care.

Some of the benefits of living in a facility or receiving home care service might be very similar yet the lifestyle is completely different, therefore, there are a few things to consider when choosing between the two.

Some similar advantages for living in a facility and staying at home receiving in home care are:

  1. Facility: Meals are prepared, usually there is a choice between two different meals.
    Home care: Caregiver can prepare specific meals the senior desires.
  2. Facility: Lots of opportunities to socialize as there are many social events and activities planed and everyone can participate.
    Home care: Socialize one-on-one and plan activities together, build a unique friendship with the caregiver and have an opportunity to interact with others when going on outings.
  3. Facility: There are options to have laundry done and room cleaning by staff.
    Home care: Caregiver can do laundry as well as a light house cleaning.
  4. Facility: Friendly staff
    Home care: Friendly caregivers
  5. Facility: Arrangements can be made for outings. Many facilities offer group outings.
    Home care: Caregiver can drive to different outings as well as accompany to scheduled appointments.

Some differences between living in a facility and home care service are: a nurse is available on site in a facility as opposed to home care service where arrangements should be made for a nurse to visit in case the need arises. Another difference could be the cost. Home care services can be less costly if the help is required only a few hours per day and it could be exceedingly more expensive if 24/7 care is needed. However, one of the biggest differences between the two is the lifestyle.

When choosing between living in a facility and home care services it is very important to consider one’s preferences. Many seniors can not bare the thought of moving out of their home, either due to the fear of loosing their independence or preferring more a private life, but familiarity and memories could be amongst the first reasons. Yet, for many seniors living in a facility is a preference and due to that it is a better option for them as opposed to the ones for whom leaving their home can be troublesome, depressing, and disruptive.

If the facility is a preference but there is a waiting list to move in, one can consider temporary home care as sometime the service can start as soon as the next day. Usually there is no long waiting periods for home care.

And finally, when making this decision one should talk to friends and relatives, ask for references, call more than a few places to ask questions and compare services before selecting what is the best option for you and your loved one.

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