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Whether your father is your biological father or someone who is a father figure to you, either role plays a big part in your life. Ever since you were a kid, you have always looked up to your dad since no one could do what your dad could, no one was wiser or stronger than your dad was. He was the provider, protector, and hero for you.

Now that your dad might be at a more advanced age, he is still your hero and no one else is like him. You love him with all your heart and just wish that you can do more for him. His strength and mobility might be declining, the activities of daily living are just more than he can handle. Because his physical strength and overall health is decreasing, he might feel like he is a burden to you and might refuse much of the help you are offering. Even though you reassure him over and over that now is your turn to look out for him he is still declining your help.

There are many wonderful, assisted living facilities in the area and you have given serious consideration for your dad’s next chapter of life to move to such a place, however, your dad can not contemplate moving and leaving behind the place that was home for him for the most part of his life.

You might ask yourself what other options are there for your father? In home care is a wonderful option for your father. He can receive the assistance he needs right where he is and there is no need for moving and leaving behind the only place he calls home. The caregivers come to him at the scheduled time whether he needs assistance only an hour or two per day, three or four hours a couple of times per week or 24 hour care, 7 days a week. Your dad can receive just the right amount of help he needs.

Feel free to call a few home care providers and see what the best option for your father is.

To all fathers and father figures we wish a very Happy Father’s Day

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