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What a privilege it is to have a mother. Mother was there since the first day we were born. She was there to provide for our first needs. She heard every cry and was never tired to comfort and sooth. She spent numerous sleepless nights when we were sick providing care and comfort tirelessly.  Mother was there to bound and kiss our wounds when we got hurt and to provide assurance and protection when we were scared. When we grew, she was still there, and we were never too old to be her child.

At this time, I would also like to acknowledge all those women who were never biological or adoptive mothers but mothered many through providing care for those in need. Those are the true hero mothers to many.

I recently read about one particular mother, an amazing woman and hero, Gladys Aylword who lived an extraordinary life, who also mothered over a hundred kids during the Japanese evasion in China in 1938, and brought those kids to safety. The journey saving those kids involved travelling over the mountains in the inclement weather until they reached safety. Mothering someone does not mean one has to go over the mountains to do something extraordinary like Gladys but it also means being there for someone in need. We appreciate all of those who might not be called “mother” but truly mother so many either publicly or silently without many noticing them.

We will never forget our mothers or stop appreciating them.  In case tough times have come and your mother is the one who needs care please don’t feel bad to ask for help. Perhaps you are working full time, maybe still raising your own kids or perhaps helping with grandkids. Other times life can be so hectic from different types of necessary engagements that will cause you to find yourself burned out. We are always glad to help ease your burn out by providing dignified and passionate care that your mother deserves.

For more information on how we can help please call Friend Indeed Senior Assistance today.

From all of us at Friend Indeed, Happy Mothers Day!

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