Let’s Beat Coronavirus!

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We’ve all been tired of hearing of the coronavirus so we’re not going to talk about the dreadful statistics, or the devastating impact it has had over almost the entire human population. Instead, we are going to talk about what can we do to beat it!

Firstly, we would like to start off by stating the importance of committing ourselves to being mindful of others especially of those who are more vulnerable due to their age or compromised health. Those of us who believe to be in good health and have a very strong immune system might still be prone to spreading the virus, since many of those with a strong immune system might carry the virus and not know it as they are asymptomatic.

Our second piece of advice is to commit or recommit to following all government regulations that have been strictly studied and proven to work to stop or decrease the spread of the virus. We are all aware of those regulations which are: physical distancing, covering up of the face from under the chin to above the nose, frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing, not traveling unless completely necessary, and quarantining according to the government regulations if you’ve traveled, have any symptoms related to the coronavirus, or have been in close contact with someone infected by the virus.

Next, we suggest to commit or recommit to staying healthy and trying to build your immune system. You can discuss this with your physician and ask for their recommendations. There are many factors that can help build or boost your immune system. Some of those factors are, nutrition (wholesome foods that are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, proteins, healthy oils and so on), plenty of water to wash toxins from your body, sunlight to build your vitamin D storage (cautions should be taken with sunlight). Exercise and sleep are also proven to boost your immune system.

Our final piece of advice is to take the vaccine when available to you. This is a personal choice and there are many who opt not to take it due to fear of side affects. From our point of view the benefits of taking the vaccine are tremendous comparing to the very slim chances of side effects.

 If you have any concerns be sure to discuss them with your family physician.

 Stay Safe!

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